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February Knowledge Café Webinar

March SBO Calendar, Submitting the Tax Cap, Review of 180 Day Instructional Requirement, Reporting Federal Grant Compliance, and Overview of Non-Resident Billing Process & Opportunities to Maximize Related Revenues


January Knowledge Café Webinar

February SBO Calendar, Pension Plans, Required Reporting on Retiree Earnings, What is STAC and How to Access It



December Knowledge Cafe’ Webinar

January SBO Calendar, Tax Cap Information – Where Do I Find It?

What Should I Know About Monthly Financial Reports?


November Knowledge Cafe’ Webinar

December SBO calendar, Output Reports – What & Where, Standard Workday & Reporting, Capital Project Reporting


October Knowledge Café Webinar

The November SBO Calendar, Resources Available on our Website, and What an SBO Needs to Know About State and Federal Grants






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There are no upcoming events at this time.

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