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Looking for the skills and experiences to prepare you for a career in the gaming or multimedia industries? Questar III’s Gaming & Multimedia program will help you bring ideas from concept to completion. Learn how to use multi-media technology to produce games or artistic effects and how to design graphics to meet specific commercial or promotional needs. Collaborate with others to create innovative game and role-play simulations, storylines, and character biographies. Study how the teams behind your favorite games use these core topics to build immersive gaming experiences. The field of Information Technology (IT) is always growing and changing with applications in industries at home and all over the world. Be the master of your machine and the master of your future. Only available at the Robert H. Gibson Technical School in Troy. View the program flyer

Characteristics of a successful student

  • A strong interest in networking and/or programming
  • Likes to problem solve and design solutions
  • Excellent attendance
  • Parental support of the career and IT program

Recommended Home School District Courses

  • Information Technology
  • Web Design
  • Coding
  • Graphic Arts
  • Multimedia

Topics Covered


Architectural visualization

Animation simulation

Augmented reality

Virtual reality

Game development

Visual effects

3D modeling

Concept art

Interactive user experience

Graphics modeling

Available Academic Credits

  • Math 11 (1 credit)
  • English 12 (1 credit)
  • Career and Financial Management (1/2 credit)

For more information on the availability of this option, please contact your home school counselor

College Credit Available From

  • Hudson Valley Community College
  • Schenectady County Community College

*These credits are only available if the student attends these colleges.

Related Career Opportunities

  • Game Developer
  • Graphic Artist/Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Design Director

Technical Assessment

NOCTI Visual Communications and Interactive Media Design. Students must pass ALL 3 parts of the technical assessment: written, performance and portfolio

Technical endorsement

To earn a CTE technical endorsement on their diploma, students must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Earn the minimum 22 credits for HS graduation in NYS
  • Pass the minimum 5 required regents exams (ELA, 1 Math, US History and Global History)
  • Pass ALL 3 parts of the technical assessment: written, performance and portfolio.

Contact Information

Caitlin Preisner
Donald R. Kline Technical School
(518) 828-4157

Lisa Gilbert
Robert H. Gibson Technical School
(518) 273-2264

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