Special Education

On June 23, we held a forum for parents to discuss the Extended School Year program for Summer 2021. Watch a recording of the event below:

A decades-long leader in providing special education programs and related services to students with disabilities, Questar III provides a comprehensive array of services for students in Rensselaer, Columbia and Greene county schools. Students are placed in programs according to their individual academic capabilities and social/behavioral needs.

Each program provides students with individualized instruction in a curriculum adapted to meet the state learning standards. Learning is enriched by interactive community-based experiences and through the support of specialists in speech, occupational and physical therapy. Questar III also offers extensive support services to component districts through itinerant services, consultation services, and staff development opportunities.

“Since his move to this school, Noah comes home happier and loves to show me each day what he has learned. He smiles more and enjoys going to school. This program has provided the support and coping skills to help him become successful in his life, and he looks forward to having a future now.”

Mrs. Wood, Questar III Maple Hill Parent

“Questar III has been a great fit for my son. I have seen so much improvement in him since he started with this program. The schools’ focus on not only academic but behavior education has really helped my son grow in more ways than I can count. I am truly grateful for the Questar III schools and staff that have worked with my family.”

Erin Hopkins, George Washington School Parent

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