Arts and Enrichment

Integrating the arts with curriculum objectives has a long-term impact on learning, providing students with new pathways to learn more effectively and participate more meaningfully.  Questar III’s Arts in Education and Exploratory Enrichment programs offer school districts a wide variety of resources that support student achievement.

Arts in Education

Questar III’s Cultural and Performing Arts Program brings area artists and arts programs (theatre, music, dance, visual arts, writing and media arts) to students as an integral part of the school curriculum.

Questar III staff works closely with artists and cultural institutions to facilitate planning, contract processing, program implementation and evaluation. The program provides districts access to the comprehensive regional online Arts in Education Resource Directory that lists 600+ performers and institutions. It also allows districts to track how these programs address the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts.

Exploratory Enrichment

Questar III’s Exploratory Enrichment service provides opportunities for multi-district programs using the resources, facilities and staff of area museums, educational institutions and content area experts. Intended as an enhancement to instruction, Exploratory Enrichment programs focus on science, math, social studies, and health curriculum objectives.

Participants in this service are eligible to receive:

  • Aidable programs that address a variety of curriculum areas that enhance learning; and,
  • Program coordination/consultation.

District Requests

Please contact for any district requests.

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