Itinerant Instruction

Questar III provides school districts with specialists on a part-time basis in such fields such as arts, adaptive physical education, nurse practitioner and related service programs for special populations and pupil personnel services. Itinerant staff members are shared between two or more districts. Questar III currently offers itinerant programs in the following areas:


Physical Education

Physical Education Teachers provide Physical Education classes to students in general education programs. This service provides a Physical Education Teacher to schools that may require part – time staffing or staffing beyond their own full – time staff.


School Psychologist

Questar III’s School Psychologist service provides integral psychological services to students, parents, teachers and administrators. Psychological services may include:

  • evaluation;
  • academic and behavioral consultation;
  • individual or group counseling;
  • coordination; and,
  • assistance during crisis situations.


School Social Worker

Questar III’s School Social Worker service provides individual and group counseling for students with school adjustment problems. This service includes crisis intervention, consultation, case management, and coordination and facilitation of home-school communication.


Speech and Language Pathologist

Questar III’s Speech and Language Therapist screens and identifies non-CSE (Committee on Special Education) students in need of services as a result of articulation and language needs. Speech and language therapy services are delivered to such students on an individual basis as determined by the school. Therapy focuses on improvement that will allow students to be successful in the academic program. This service is provided to students within the school district.


For more information, contact:

Shauna Maynard, Director of Special Education
518-479-6872 or

Cyndi Herron, Special Education Coordinator
518-479-6852 or

Deb McDermott, Administrative Assistant
518-479-6849 or

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