State Aid and Financial Planning

An Invaluable District Resource

Questar III’s State Aid and Financial Planning Service started over 50 years ago with a simple vision – to assist local school districts in understanding, applying for and maximizing state aid. From the beginning, our innovative services have fulfilled the fiscal needs of school districts.

Today, Questar III’s State Aid and Financial Planning Services remains on the cutting edge. Recognized as the most widely purchased BOCES service in the state, our team of dedicated professionals proudly serves more than 650 school districts and all 37 New York State BOCES.

From a simple telephone request to advanced onsite consultation, our solutions enhance fiscal decision-making ability and maximize districts’ limited financial resources. Our service continues to measurably impact school districts across the state, allowing them to capture millions of dollars while allocating precious resources even closer to students.


The 2024-25 rate for the State Aid and Financial Planning Service at Questar III is $3,585 per district. This is a BOCES aidable service. We can also provide additional business office support services, upon district request, on a per diem basis.

State Aid Planning Coffee Talk

Preparing the State Aid Claim Forms: How to Complete Key Areas, What to Review to Maximize Aid and Troubleshooting Claim Form Issues and Revisions

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