Special Education Aid Assistance Service


Questar III’s Special Education Aid Assistance Service is designed to help school districts claim all available aid for students with disabilities and allows districts to customize the level of service that best meets local needs. Questar III will provide training for district staff on procedures and best practices for collecting and filing information and utilizing the System to Track and Account for Children (STAC).


Districts may choose a more comprehensive service where Questar III staff performs all data collection, submission and verification for all types of special education programs. This is a BOCES aidable service. The services are as follows:

Level I

As part of the regular State Aid and Financial Planning Service annual fee, districts receive technical support and have access to our resources and webinars at no addtional cost.

Level II

For an annual fee, we offer a Mentoring Model. Our STAC technicians will train school district staff in the review and processing of prior year and current year STAC forms while providing assistance and best practices. Our staff reviews claims filled and ensures the district meets State mandates and deadlines. We will utilize technology to communicate through our webinar software for regular meetings.

Level III

For an annual fee, in addition to service level I and II, our STAC technicians will assume responsibility of processing all STAC claims and verifications for prior and current years.

Upcoming Events

October STAC Talk

Topics: ESY Overview: - Full & Half Day Programs - 9015 A-D Programs - Transportation Costs - Receivables

November STAC Talk

Topics: - Open Forum/Live Discussion on STAC Topics - What to Focus On - Q&A

January STAC Talk

Topic: - Review of Aid Categories and Statute of Limitations

February STAC Talk

Topics: - Mid-Year Review - Aid Projections - NYSED Gold Star Report

March STAC Talk

Topics: - DVPUB Verifications - DCPUB & DCPOD Screens

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