Model Schools

The Questar III Model Schools Program provides services to component districts through the 519 CoSer. We are dedicated to providing teachers with quality staff development and support so that they are able to integrate technology into the classroom in a meaningful way.

Our goal is to provide educators with the information and resources they need to improve student learning through the use of technology. Whether it is through planning, training, coaching, or modeling, Model Schools can help bring skills into the classroom and into our student’s futures.

Embedded Professional Development

Our Model Schools Specialist will assist your district with embedded professional development in the area of instructional technology.  Whether it is a series of faculty presentations, one-on-one work with a teacher, or working in the classroom with your teachers to incorporate technology into their instruction, we help your district improve student learning through the use of technology.


Model Schools offers workshops designed to give participants the strategies they need to succeed at incorporating technology into instruction. Click here for upcoming workshops.


Members of the Model Schools CoSer are eligible to purchase software that is then supported by Model Schools. Click here for the current list of software available.

For more information on any of these services, please contact Stephanie Carbone.


Contact Information

Stephanie Carbone
Model Schools Specialist

Kimberly A. Harris
Administrative Assistant


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