Paul Puccio School at Maple Hill

Welcome to the Questar III Paul Puccio School at Maple Hill.

Here at the Paul Puccio School at Maple Hill, we love our students. We want to help them find success, while also having fun! Questar III is committed to providing a positive, supportive and therapeutic environment. Our dedicated staff will challenge students to expand their skills socially, emotionally and academically. Together, with the support of families, we are making great strides in education.

The Paul Puccio School at Maple Hill is a unique Questar III program. We are the home of both a Middle School Therapeutic Youth Program (TYP) and a K-12 Skills and Achievement Credential NYSAA program. Our location here in the Schodack Central School District allows for our Questar III students of all ages to join classes and special events offered at Castleton Elementary School and the Maple Hill Jr./Sr. High School. The merging of our Questar III programs into one location provides us with a wonderful sense of community.

Due to the unique nature of the programs that have come together at Maple Hill, we have a variety of related service providers housed here, including OT, PT, speech services, social work services, as well as services for students who are visually impaired and even music therapy. Faculty and staff here at the Paul Puccio School at Maple Hill work every day to teach students various skills they can translate back into the classroom and into their everyday lives. Our hope is that after students graduate from Maple Hill, they will be prepared for the next chapter in their journey.


Christopher A. Fatta
Principal, Paul Puccio School at Maple Hill

1477 S. Schodack Road
Castleton, NY 12033
Phone: 518-479-6999

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