Business & Education Partnership Opportunities

Questar III is partnering with schools and businesses in Rensselaer, Columbia and Greene counties to develop collaborative opportunities between the business and education communities. We are seeking to offer school districts, students, teachers and administrators a variety of opportunities including:

  • Student tours
  • Guest speaking
  • Classroom project collaboration
  • Curriculum enhancement/teacher professional development
  • Student/Teacher internships

Of course, each partnership is based on the needs of the school district and the level of participation desired by a given business. No amount of collaboration is too small, and there is no limit to the opportunities available. From coming into speak to a class once a year to hosting multiple student or teacher internships or working with teachers on curriculum, the possibilities are endless. Each partnership is customized to meet the unique needs of all parties involved.

These partnerships allow businesses to have the opportunity to develop student interest in their industries while creating a pipeline of potential future employees adequately prepared to join the workforce. Working with educators allows business representatives to help address the disconnect between the needs of employers and the training students receive in school while educating, inspiring and getting involved in preparing students to be college and career ready.


Student tours

Our school districts are always seeking opportunities for students to visit businesses and non-profits around the Capital Region and see firsthand what they do, the services they offer, what they produce, who they’re customers are and the skills required to work there. Hosts are encouraged to provide visuals, introduce aspects of their work environment and expose students to internal operations, products and services.


Guest speaking/Classroom Project Collaboration

Have you ever had an interest in sharing what you do in your profession, why you pursued a career in your field, share interesting anecdotes about your work and discuss specific skills that you’re required in order to be successful? Are you creative and interested in sharing ideas that can become the foundation for a classroom project based on your workplace experiences? Help bring relevancy to how what is taught in the classroom applies to the real world!


Curriculum Enhancement/Teacher Mentoring

A day doesn’t go by during the school year without a student wondering “Why do I have to learn this?” or “Why does this matter?” Teachers are experts in educating students but can’t always explain how it what they teach relates to the workplace. Collaboration between teachers and professionals brings real world applications and meaning to classroom curriculum. You can help teachers end these age-old questions while making the learning process more engaging, educational and connected to your field of work. Dedicating 8-10 hours of structured engagement throughout the school year helps bring real world relevancy to the classroom.


Student Internships

Workplace internships for juniors and seniors can play a critical role in providing students with direction when considering college and career pursuits. Hosting a student(s) and creating industry-related projects allows employers to engage with the next-generation workforce and provide structured learning experiences that can educate and inspire students to seek future employment opportunities in your industry. Internship requirements range between 25-55 hours and occur throughout the school year.


Teacher Internships/Mentoring

Inspired by Questar III BOCES STEM Research Institute, these internships provide invaluable opportunities for instructors to learn and experience firsthand what happens in workplaces that are relevant to the subjects they teach. Practicing professionals that host teachers in the workplace can offer professional development that exposes educators to the many facets of how a business operates, resulting in new and improved lessons in the classroom. Internships can be structured to be flexible and focused on specific expertise.

Interested in developing a partnership with a local school district? Fill out this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.


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