New Visions

New Visions students gain valuable insight into career options from a real-world perspective. A 1-year, honors-level program, New Visions turns area businesses, health care facilities and government buildings into classrooms for highly motivated, academically successful high school seniors.

For 3.5 hours each day, New Visions students learn and explore through mentoring, internships, interactions with professionals, group discussion and creative projects, as well as more traditional methods. New Visions students earn four academic credits including one credit each for English and social studies and two electives credits. They also may earn college credit, and the program is a proven asset on transcripts and college applications.

Questar III currently offers four New Visions programs.

Application process and timeline for interested students:

  1. Gather information about senior-level programs at your school’s 11th grade information sessions.  Be sure to see your school counselor for dates in November/December.
  2. Attend one of the New Visions’ Open Houses for more information and to meet the teacher.
    • For 2019-20
    • 9th and 10th graders can attend an introductory info session on New Visions during the regular CTE open house dates at each of the centers.
  3. Complete the online application.  This consists of transcript information, essay questions, recommendations, and will be followed up by an interview.  Applications open online December 20th and are due February 14th.
  4. Program visits and interviews are conducted the rest of February and March.
  5. Questar III finalizes the recommendations for admissions and sends applicants their admissions recommendations via USPS from the high school counseling offices by April 4th.
  6. Intent-to-Attend Forms are due to your high school counseling office by April 18th.
  7. Waitlisted students receive final notice of any changes for admissions after April 18th.
Tips and FAQs for Applications:

Be sure to obtain permission from your references BEFORE you list them on your application. When you ask an adult to provide you with a reference, please obtain his/her correct email address and daytime phone number. Let your references know about the program you are applying to and explain what you hope to gain by participating in the program. Once you have submitted your application, your references will be contacted via email and asked to complete the online reference form. After completing your application, please check with your references to verify that they received the email requesting they complete the online form. Please notify Kim Sparkman immediately via email if your references do not receive this request.  Note: You will not be able see what your references say about you.

Email Address

Email is our primary mode of communication for notifying prospective applicants about the online application, open houses, program visitation days and interviews. Once you have indicated interest in New Visions, you should check your email often, including your spam folder.

Questions or Problems with the online application?

If you encounter any difficulties with the application process or have any questions, please contact Kim Sparkman at or 518-479-6939.

New Visions Essay Questions for Application

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