Alternative Education

Questar III’s Alternative Education programs offer options for students who are in danger of not completing high school, who have difficulty with attendance, grades or motivation, who have faced behavioral challenges leading to the potential for suspension or need assistance to pass Regents exams required for graduation.

For more information about any of these programs, contact Columbia-Greene Educational Center Principal Jake Stomieroski at 518-828-4157 or

ALP Half-day Program for Seniors

Questar III’s Alternative Learning Program (ALP), Half Day for Seniors Program provides high school seniors in danger of not completing high school that need four or less credits to earn a Regents diploma. Program offers small class size and support for students to earn a Regents diploma.

A district representative must be present at all intake meetings for students in this program.


Alternative High School Equivalency Program (AHSEP)

The Alternative High School Equivalency Program allows high school students between the ages of 16-20, still enrolled in a local high school, the opportunity to obtain their High School Equivalency Diploma. AHSEP is intended to serve students under the age of 21 who, under other circumstances, would be served by a regular high school program.

The following entrance criteria are set forth by the NYS Education Department:

  • Students are of legal age to stop attending (at least age 16 and maximum compulsory age)
  • Student have earned less than 2.75 high school credits (waivers are available)
  • Students must test between 8th grade and 10th grade on the TABE exam in Reading and in Mathematics
  • Students have experienced family or social situations that have distracted from academic achievement
  • Students have previously demonstrated poor attendance

High School Equivalency classes are taught by certified teachers in a small classroom setting. When students have met the High School Equivalency pre-test criteria and have received the recommendation of the AHSEP faculty, they will be allowed to sit for the High School Equivalency exam.

The intake committee will review each new student to determine their eligibility. A district representative must be present at all intake meetings for students in this program.

Columbia-Greene Educational Center
Monday-Wednesday 2:00pm-6:00pm
Thursdays 2:00PM-5:00PM

A district representative must be present at all intake meetings for students in this program.


Alternative Learning Program with Career & Technical Education

Questar III’s Alternative Learning Program, combined with a Career Technical Education Program, provides students the opportunity to earn a NYS Regents diploma. Students enrolled in this program will also complete a two year Technical Education program in a chosen career pathway. Developed to serve students who may be in danger of dropping out of high school, this program serves students who may previously have had difficulties with attendance, motivation or grades.

The small individualized group instruction fosters a positive learning environment in the Alternative Learning Program, and encourages maturity and social skills. Classes are taught by certified teachers and aligned with NYS Learning Standards. Students are expected to pass the required Regents exams and to complete all graduation requirements necessary for their high school diploma. A district representative must be present at all intake meetings for students in this program.


Equivalent Attendance Program

Serving students ages 16-19 who have dropped out of school, Questar III’s Equivalent Attendance Program is comprised of two New York State Education Department programs: the Transitional Equivalent Program (TEP) and Alternate High School Equivalency Preparation (AHSEP) Program. It prepares students to take their General Equivalency Degree (GED) by focusing on reading, math, writing/communication, science, social studies and logical thinking/comprehension.

TEP is for students, age 16, who are ineligible to sit for the GED because they are younger than the compulsory school attendance age. TEP students study for the GED for 27.5 hours/week. AHSEP is for students ages 16-19 and continues studies for a minimum of 12 hours/week. Students successfully completing TEP, transfer into AHSEP. AHSEP students must register for the GED exam.

Districts with students enrolled in Questar III’s Equivalent Attendance Program may list these students as transfers as opposed to “dropouts” or “non-completers.”


Program Alternative to Student Suspension (PASS)

Questar III’s Program Alternative to Student Suspension (PASS) provides an alternative to school suspension by focusing on behavioral and social skill development while assisting students with academic skills. Students receive at least 2 hours instruction per day from a certified teacher with the remainder of the day supervised by either a certified teacher or teacher assistant. Parents are invited and encouraged to participate with students and staff in the development of an individual plan to help the student successfully return to school. This program is held at the Rensselaer Educational Center and Columbia-Greene Educational Centers.


Summer School Program

Questar III’s Regional Summer School Program is held throughout Columbia and Greene county school districts for remedial support for all middle school courses and most high school courses. This program is for students who achieved 50 percent or better but did not achieve a passing grade. Summer program courses meet all New York State Education summer school program mandates and averages 15 students per summer course. We also now offer an elementary program for AIS support and enrichment in some areas.

August Regents exams offered by the New York State Education Department are offered at the Questar III Summer Program sites.

Note: This program is not intended for students who are either taking the course for a first time or who have passed the course and seek a higher grade.

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