Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career Technical Education (CTE)? Is it votec?

Career Technical Education, CTE, is the 21st century version of programs that were referred to as “vocational” or “votec”. The programs have been designated “Career Technical Education” programs by the New York State Education Department to differentiate the higher level programs now offered from the more traditional vocational education programs.With integrated academics, higher standards, and our participation in the Technology Centers That Work program, the term CTE more accurately reflects the type of high skills training which will help prepare our graduates for successful future careers.


Are CTE Programs for students working towards a Regents Diploma?

That is a definite YES! CTE students are expected to complete requirements to obtain their Regents Diploma.


What is the Technical Endorsement on the Regents Diploma?

Students in CTE programs have the potential to earn a Technical Endorsement on their diploma, which demonstrates that they have developed technical skills and a high level of competency in their career field. The endorsement is earned by meeting the following requirements: completion of a two-year CTE program, earning 22 New York State required credits, passing the 5 Regents exams, and passing all categories of a technical assessment which includes a portfolio.


Why should my child choose a CTE course?

TRAINING: CTE programs enable students to receive professional training and the opportunity to acquire industry-related certifications while still in high school.

CAREER EXPLORATION: Students have the opportunity to explore career fields in high school, which can provide important information and insight into choosing a specific college or future employment.


Are there any requirements for students who want to enroll in a CTE program?

Because the coursework is at 11th and 12th grade levels, students should be encouraged to complete most of their 10th grade classes before enrolling. In addition, each CTE program includes the potential for students to earn or challenge for college credits through articulation agreements, so students will be expected to work at grade level on math, English and science assignments.


What programs are available for students who need additional resources?

Students in need of more academic support, who would benefit from a smaller classroom setting, will be more successful in a Career Studies course. Additional staff support will provide assistance to students in learning job skills to prepare for future employment.


What is a college articulation?

The majority of our CTE programs have college articulations with various postsecondary schools. Students who qualify by meeting a variety of standards, or completing a challenge exam, are able to earn college credit while they are enrolled in a CTE class.

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