Quarter 4 & Final Grades (K-12) & CTE/NV

The information below outlines how grades are being captured for the 4th Quarter and how Final grades will be calculated.  The provision of grades for students and awarding of course credit must be aligned with guidance from NYSED and our own BOCES/District-wide and program specific policies.  

In recognition of the variation in resources and support available to students and family support, traditional grading practices have not been used. 

Student learning has been recorded using the following system:    

  • Teachers have used varied Forms of assessments and assignments to measure and document evidence of student learning with multiple opportunities for revision, resubmission and remedial supports. 
  • Feedback is critical during this time to provide students with indications of meeting expectations for these assignments. Feedback could be in the form of narrative comments or a score on a formative assessment (ie. 8/10), but feedback will not go into the traditional gradebook as a grade.
  • Student Assessment and Grading of student work has continued during the period of cancellation of on-site classes.  Assessments are focused upon prioritized standards within the compressed curriculum.  
    • CTE, NV, & Career Studies Courses, Google Classroom Gradebook and/or CTE Contact Log (REC and CGEC) have been used.
    • For Special Education, building and program specific measures have been implemented.

4th Quarter Grading Considerations:  In consideration of the various grading decisions that have been made throughout our component districts, we felt it was important to provide as much detail as possible to districts regarding student progress.  Therefore, we have decided that numerical grades will be supplied to districts based upon (in most cases) four quarter averages. Districts will ultimately decide how the numerical grade that we supply is integrated into their grade reporting.  We have made this decision for the benefit of our students.  So much hard work has been done throughout this period of remote instruction and we want to make sure that students receive the benefit of their hard work.  

  • During the 4th quarter as we approached learning in new ways, digital learning, flipped learning programs, current grading policies have remained in effect at teacher discretion but with flexibility. For example: Teachers wouldn’t give a student a 0 because he didn’t turn in his weekly at home fitness log for PE class. 
  • Teachers continued to grade student work during the 4th quarter, providing students and parents feedback on the work submitted but have been flexible with relaxed expectations that err on the side of students.

4th Quarter Grades

New Visions as well as all of our College in the High School courses have continued to follow the grading practices of the credit awarding institution.  

Career and Technical Education, Career Studies, and New Visions, High School (Regents Track)

Sackett Educational Center/Academy at Rensselaer Ed Center (AREC)/Catskill

  • The last day of In-Person Instruction was on March 17th.
  • Remote Learning began on March 18th.
  • The 3rd Quarter ended on April 8th and the 4th Quarter began on April 9th.
  • Progress Reports are scheduled to be mailed on May 15 (CTE) and May 19 (SpEd) and will follow the traditional format.
  • Fourth Quarter will now end on by June 18th.(Last day for student grades, June 15th)

Fourth Quarter Grades will be averaged and a numeric grade assigned, as they normally would in most cases. 

  • Comments will indicate Level of Engagement in Remote Learning

Pass/Fail Scenario:

We recognize that some student circumstances do not allow for an appropriate calculation of a fourth quarter grade and therefore may be given the opportunity to earn a PASS/FAIL for the 4th quarter, given principal approval. If a student was approved to take a Pass/Fail for the 4th Quarter, it would result in the Q4 not being included in the student’s Final Grade Calculation.  In these cases, a student’s final average would be calculated using an average of the first three quarters.

Potential Course Failures:

In cases where a student’s current average is below passing, as indicated on 4th Quarter Progress Reports, students will have until June 12th to submit all missing work. In cases where students have this status and are failing for the year, contact has been made and that current grade status has been discussed with both student and parent.  We encourage students to submit missing work prior to this date as it is completed.

Note: In most cases, 4th Quarter averages will still be used to calculate Final averages for courses.

All Elementary and Middle School Programs – Quarterly grades & averages will be computed as normal 

Report cards and Progress Reports serve to inform parents of their child’s learning and the progress that has been made during remote instruction. Progress Reports for all students will follow the same descriptive, narrative format and will serve to highlight a student’s attainment of grade level standards for a specific course.

  • Report Cards will also follow the same format:
  • Elementary and NYSAA report cards will provide a descriptive narrative.
  • Middle and High School will provide numerical grading 

Therefore, reporting during the period of emote learning will continue to follow the same format as has been done throughout the year.

Final Grades

Averages from 4th quarter will still be used and calculated as part of Final averages for courses using the following formula. 

Where 4 quarter grades were earned
Quarter Weighting Option 1: Q1=25%; Q2=25%;Q3=25%,Q4=25%

Where 3 quarter grades were earned plus a P/F for Quarter 4
Quarter Weighting Option 2: Q1=33.33%; Q2=33.33%;Q3=33.33%

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