SED posted information relating to charger installations in #7 of SED’s Q&A.

  • Any work that would otherwise require an OFP permit must still be submitted for review, approval, and permit prior to the work being bid.
  • Transportation Aid eligible components of the project must be submitted as a separate project number for accounting purposes.
  • The drawings and specifications may be combined with other non-transportation aid eligible scopes of work, but a separate project number and paperwork submission is required.
  • When the totality of the work within the submitted package of drawings and specifications is limited to that required for the EV bus charging infrastructure, OFP will expedite the review of the project.
  • The electric bus charging equipment is installed by an electrician authorized by the district to perform such work.
  • Email your expedite request to the District’s OFP Fiscal Associate when your EV Bus Charging Infrastructure project has been submitted and has received a review number.
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