While classes are cancelled and offices are closed due to coronavirus precautions, we are listing important information and resources for families on this page

New York State School Reopening Guidance:

NYS Department of Health

NYS Education Department & Board of Regents

Classes cancelled through the end of the school year

Governor Cuomo announced today that schools will remain closed for the rest of the academic year and will continue to provide remote learning for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. A decision on summer school programming will be announced by the end of May. The state will approve plans to reopen schools.

Contact information while offices are closed

Beginning Monday, March 22, Questar III school offices will no longer be staffed until further notice. If you have a question about your child’s program or school, please use the email addresses below:

Academy at REC, Columbia HS, Maple Hill MS and Robin Sobol Transition Academy: 

Principal: Chris Martel – chris.martel@questar.org

Administrative Assistant: Rachel Fay – rachel.fay@questar.org 

Catskill Academy, Ichabod Crane HS, Rensselaer City Jr/Sr HS: 

Principal: Andrew Pemrick – andrew.pemrick@questar.org

Administrative Assistant: Gwen Fleming –  gwen.fleming@questar.org 

Columbia-Greene Educational Center: 

Principal: Jake Stomieroski – jstomieroski@questar.org

Administrative Assistant: Deb Schaffer – dschaffer@questar.org 

George Washington School: 

Principal: Danielle Remillard – danielle.remillard@questar.org

Administrative Assistant: Krista Cooney – krista.cooney@questar.org 

Rensselaer Academy: 

Principal: Meghan Platt – meghan.platt@questar.org

Administrative Assistant: Katlyn Kish – katlyn.kish@questar.org 

Rensselaer Educational Center: 

Principal: Anthony DeFazio – adefazio@questar.org

Administrative Assistant: Barbara Clement – bclement@questar.org 

Sackett Educational Center, Maple Hill MS, Red Mill ES: 

Principal: Karen Brockley – karen.brockley@questar.org

Administrative Assistant: Melissa Mandell – mmandell@questar.org 

Tech Valley High School: 

Dr. James Niedermeier – jniedermeier@techvalleyhigh.org

Administrative Assistant: Lorinda Jensis – ljensis@techvalleyhigh.org 

Director of Career & Technical Education
Denise Fernandez-Pallozzi – denise.pallozzi@questar.org 

Career & Technical Education Coordinator
Kim Sparkman – kim.sparkman@questar.org

Director of Special Education
Shauna Maynard – shauna.maynard@questar.org

Director of Information Technology
Chad Goodfellow – chad.goodfellow@questar.org

Director of Communications
Dan Sherman – dsherman@questar.org

Director of Human Resources
Mike Buono – mbuono@questar.org

Director of Health & Safety and Operations & Maintenance
Craig Hansen – chansen@questar.org

If you need to call your child’s school, please call the main office and leave a message. Voicemails are being monitored remotely and someone will return your call shortly.

Home Instruction Resources

Our team of school improvement specialists have put together a list of resources for home instruction and support for students while classes are cancelled.

These resources will be continuously updated by our School Improvement staff. Some resources are offered in languages other than English, and we will continue to add more in the days ahead.

Meals available for students

Per New York state guidelines, school districts are offering a variety of options for students who need meals during this time. Please visit your district’s website to see what options are available to you.

Grades 3-8 assessments and Regents Exams suspended

New York State has suspended the Grades 3-8 ELA and Math assessments and Regents exams for the 2019-2020 school year. Guidance on graduation requirements will be released tomorrow.

Resources and information regarding COVID-19

Visit this webpage to find tips and resources to talk to kids about the virus, as well as information and resources to help stop the spread of the virus.

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