A student receives their diploma for completing the Academic Learning Program (ALP) at CGEC.

Students and staff from Columbia-Greene Educational Center gathered at Columbia-Greene Community College June 4 to recognize students for their achievement and dedication to their Career Tech and Career Studies programs over the past year and honor five graduates from the Career Academy and 13 from the Academic Learning Program (ALP), both upon completion of Regents exams. The ceremony included the annual National Technical Honor Society induction ceremony, as well as the awarding of scholarships and recognitions for achievement, improvement and craftsmanship. This year, 19 students were inducted for the first time into NTHS, and two students were recognized as second year members. Scholarships were awarded to 12 students. Congratulations to all our students on another successful year!

National Technical Honor Society

Two Year Members:

Autumn Bishop, Cosmetology, Kinderhook
Neil Malone, Criminal Justice, Cairo-Durham

First Year Members:

Kassidy Bensen, C.N.A., Cairo-Durham
Collin Chamberlin, Building Trades, Taconic Hills
Emma Criswell, Criminal Justice, Greenville
Naveah Daigle-Vellon, Cosmetology, Chatham
Ryan Gallagher, Culinary Arts, Catskill
Guadalupe Gonzalez, C.N.A., Taconic Hills
Camryn Hebert, Aviation, Kinderhook
Olivia Keeler, EMT, Kinderhook
Cherish O’Connell, Culinary Arts, Chatham
Edward Ogden, Aviation, Kinderhook
Bridget Pulver, Aviation, Kinderhook
Sara Ramos, C.N.A., Kinderhook
Cierra Rice, C.N.A., Hudson
Philip Saunders, EMT, Kinderhook
Hethar Scutt, Cosmetology, Taconic Hills
Madison Wasson, Cosmetology, Kinderhook
Zachary Weaver, Aviation, Taconic Hills
Justin Westfall, Intro to Employment, Taconic Hills
Kirk-Michael Woodhouse, Intro to Employment, Catskill

Academic Learning Program and Career Academy Graduation Ceremony

Completion of the Academic Learning Program
(Upon completion of Regents Exams)

Arianna Ashby
Lukias Cintron
Madison Cole
Zachary Friss
Ethan Ingham
Robert Marchi
Alyssa Mavrides
Daniel Morehouse
Michael Murphy
Tyshon Stevens
Chelsea Vereen
Megan Winter
Kaylynn Woolsey

Completion of the Career Academy Program
(Upon completion of Regents Exams)

Raziel Almstead
Trisha Briggs
Tiarrah Cuyler
Adonis Oliver-Ragland
Ta-Shawn VanAlphen

Academic Learning Program Awards

Megan Winter, Academic Achievement, Catskill
Lukias Cintron, Fellowship Award, Taconic Hills
Kaylynn Woolsey, Most Improved Award, Catskill

Career Academy Program Awards

Tiarrah Cuyler, Academic Achievement, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk
Theodore Filli, Academic Achievement, Hudson
Ta-Shawn VanAlphen, Fellowship Award, Hudson
Lindsy Barrett, Fellowship Award, Hudson
Raziel Almstead, Most Improved Award, Hudson
Edward LeSawyer, Most Improved Award, Hudson

Scholarship Winners 2019

Autumn Bishop, Cosmetology, Ichabod Crane
Dominic DeFilipo, Culinary Arts, Ichabod Crane
Angelina Fuentes, Cosmetology, Coxsackie-Athens
Ryan Gallagher, Culinary Arts, Catskill
Jacob Johnson, HVAC, Hudson
Daphne Luckfield, Cosmetology, Ichabod Crane
Sara Ramos, C.N.A., Ichabod Crane
Cierra Noel Rice, C.N.A., Hudson
Allyssa Rippel, Cosmetology, Chatham

The Alice and Murray Giddings Foundation

Cherish O’Connell, Culinary Arts, Chatham

Phyllis Church Memorial Scholarship

Cierra Noel Rice, C.N.A., Hudson

Peter Rupp Memorial Scholarship
In memory of our beloved CGEC colleague

Sara Ramos, C.N.A., Ichabod Crane

Barbara Decker Memorial Award
Career Studies student with exceptional work ethics and a positive attitude

Collin Chamberlin, Building Trades, Taconic Hills

Bruce Baldwin Award
In memory of our esteemed and respected former colleague, given to a deserving student who demonstrates
excellence in the automotive field and is also a positive contributor to the community

Philip Ribeiro, Automotive Technology, Taconic Hills
Jesus Sanchez Pantaleon, Automotive Technology, Taconic Hills

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following to the
Columbia-Greene Educational Center’s Scholarship Fund:

CGEC Faculty, Staff and Retired Faculty, Craig Church, Lawrence Rupp, Scholarship Cruise-in Donors and Volunteers, Deborah Schaffer, Lynn Seftner, Jake Stomieroski

Founding Donors of the Scholarship Fund:
T. Backer Fund
Judy Grunberg
Estate of Paul Grunberg

CGEC Scholarship Committee Members

Lynn Seftner
Gerald Smith
Santina Sheehan
Caitlin Preisner

Career Technical Education and Career Studies Awards

Automotive Services
Mr. Snyder

Michael Enochs, Achievement, Rhinebeck
Arthur Knapp III, Craftsmanship, Catskill
Ivan Hempstead, Most Improved, Greenville

Automotive Technologies I
Mr. Smith

Michael Goodermote, Achievement, Hudson
Alex Wood, Craftsmanship, Catskill
Derek McCagg, Most Improved, Ichabod Crane

Automotive Technologies II
Mr. Smith

Philip Ribeiro, Achievement, Taconic Hills
Philip Ribeiro, Craftsmanship, Taconic Hills
Jesus Sanchez Pantaleon, Most Improved, Taconic Hills

Aviation I
Mr. Costello

James Konderwich, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Scott Rossi, Craftsmanship, Ichabod Crane

Aviation II
Mr. Costello

Hunter Scheriff, Achievement, Chatham
Jonathan Murphy, Craftsmanship, Coxsackie-Athens

Building Trades
Mr. Augstell

Jonathan West, Achievement, Taconic Hills
Collin Chamberlin, Achievement, Taconic Hills
Jonathan West, Craftsmanship, Taconic Hills
Raziel Almstead, Craftsmanship, Hudson
Brandon Blackman, Most Improved, Greenville
Noah Alfeld, Most Improved, Cairo-Durham

Certified Nurse Aide
Ms. Hernandez

Julia Kasmar, Achievement, Hudson
Alexandra Petulla, Achievement, Cairo-Durham
Shirley Harvey, Craftsmanship, Chatham
Ambrael Petulla, Craftsmanship, Cairo-Durham
Fenika Lorsirs, Most Improved, Hudson
Julia Englehardt-Lorenzana, Most Improved, Cairo-Durham

Construction Technologies I
Mr. Ebel

Dylan Morgan, Achievement, Cairo-Durham
Elizabeth Archambault, Craftsmanship, Greenville
Gage Escudero, Craftmanship, Cairo-Durham

Construction Technologies II
Mr. Ebel

Hunter Myers, Craftsmanship, Chatham

Cosmetology I
Ms. Helinski

Madison Wasson, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Hethar Scutt, Craftsmanship, Taconic Hills

Cosmetology II
Ms. Helinski

Autumn Bishop, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Allyssa Rippel, Craftsmanship, Chatham

Criminal Justice I
Mr. Pierro

Christina Markiewicz, Achievement, Cairo-Durham
Kayla Kilmer, Craftsmanship, Taconic Hills

Criminal Justice II
Mr. Pierro

Neil Malone, Achievement, Cairo-Durham
Taylor Damon, Craftsmanship, Taconic Hills
Allahmier McGriff, Most Improved, Hudson

Culinary Arts I
Chef Desmond

Amoz Bowles, Achievement, Hudson
Paige Handlowich, Craftsmanship, Germantown

Culinary Arts II
Chef Desmond

Ryan Gallagher, Achievement, Catskill
Anita Davis-Stough, Craftsmanship, Cairo-Durham
Cherish O’Connell, Most Improved, Chatham

Emergency Medical Technician & Health Careers
Mr. Fox

Anna Smith, Achievement, Catskill
Meghan Hallenbeck, Craftsmanship, Greenville
Philip Saunders, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Olivia Keeler, Craftsmanship, Ichabod Crane
Nicholas Teslenko, Most Improved, Catskill

Mr. Veeder

Kenneth Beattie, Achievement, Greenville
Liam Holsopple, Craftsmanship, Catskill

Mr. Veeder

Jacob Johnson, Achievement, Hudson
Jeremy Bulich, Craftsmanship, Catskill
David Krein, Most Improved, Germantown

Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance
Mr. Ray

Wayne Brown, Achievement, Cairo-Durham
Robert Corrigan, Achievement, Greenville
John Pebler, Achievement, Greenville
Dalton Ebeling, Most Improved, Cairo-Durham

Information Technology I
Mr. Knichel

Megan Winter, Achievement, Catskill
Legacy Rivera, Craftsmanship, Hudson

Information Technology II
Mr. Knichel

Blake Davis, Achievement, Taconic Hills
Aaron Smith, Craftsmanship, Greenville

Introduction to Employment and Career Exploration
Ms. Olin

Theodore Filli, Achievement, Hudson
Garret Cooper, Craftsmanship, Cairo-Durham
Kirk-Michael Woodhouse, Achievement, Catskill
Tiarrah Cuyler, Craftsmanship, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk

Introduction to Food Services
Chef DiMartino

Natasha Smith, Achievement, Hudson
Francesco Agovino, Achievement, Coxsackie-Athens
Lindsy Barrett, Craftsmanship, Hudson
Alexis Burnett, Craftsmanship, Cairo-Durham
Tyler Daves, Most Improved, Coxsackie-Athens
Sierra Jenks, Most Improved, Hudson

Welding Fabrication I
Mr. Hull

Samuel Spross, Achievement, Ichabod Crane
Darren Bender, Craftsmanship, Greenville
Gabriel Santosky, Most Improved, Catskill

Welding Fabrication II
Mr. Hull

Jacob Mesick, Achievement, Chatham
Tristan Gerrain, Craftsmanship, Coxsackie-Athens
Jared Kwarta, Most Improved, Ichabod Crane

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