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Consultant Committee members joined us on January 24th for an annual breakfast and slate of committee meetings.

On Thursday, January 24th, the staff of the Columbia-Greene Educational Center (CGEC) welcomed local business, education and community organization representatives to their sixth annual Consultant Committee Breakfast.

This yearly event provides an opportunity for Consultant Committee members to network with other professionals and Questar III instructors, while enjoying a delicious breakfast provided by Culinary Arts students, under the direction of Chefs Desmond & McCarthy.

Each Career & Technical Education (CTE) and Career Studies Program has a Consultant Committee consisting of local industry leaders that meet each year to hear updates about each class and share input and advice from people working in those career fields. These connections provide information that is used to continually improve and update curriculum for CGEC students.

“This breakfast, and the meetings that follow, are truly a team effort in our Center, from the event planning to the meeting participation. It is an excellent way for our teachers to learn the latest industry trends from other professionals currently in their respective fields, so our instructors can continue to prepare the students here to be college and career ready,” said Work-Based Learning Coordinator Joan Rogers.

“I am so appreciative of the members or our Committee, and all the other attendees, who take time out of their own schedule and workday to join the discussion of topics such as how can we prepare students to deal with future technology, or what do they look for in an ideal employee. That information is really helpful to me, and I know it is to the other teachers, so we can provide the best possible training for our students,” said Automotive Technologies teacher Jerry Smith.

Thank you to all our consultant committee members for their work in helping us provide the best programs possible for our students!


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Consultant committee meetings are an important part of making sure our programs are up-to-date and providing students the skills they need to be successful in the workforce.

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