Coordinated Cooperative Collection Development

This page contains links to the titles of books recently purchased by districts in the CCCD CoSer.  State guidelines require they be made available to everyone in a Union catalog for the purpose of ILL. If you locate a title you wish to borrow, please use our union catalog to place a request.  If the item is not available through the union, please use the online directory to contact the librarian in that school. If you have any questions, please contact the SLS at 479-6976 or 479-6978.

Examples of Subjects Areas:     
Berlin Jr/Sr HS (MakerSpace Games, Science)           
Cairo-Durham Jr/Sr HS (Biographies)
Catskill Jr/Sr HS (Automobiles, Careers, Cookbooks, Mythology, Religion)
Hoosic Valley HS and ES  (Biographies)
Hoosic Valley Elementary  (Music)
New Lebanon HS (American History, Arts, Environment, Recreation, Science)
Taconic Hills HS (Arts, Educational Board Games, Foreign Language, Professional Collection)

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