Tammie Borland

New Visions: Medical Instructor Tammie Borland is a recipient of the 2021 Margaret Ashida STEM Leadership Award

To honor the memory of Margaret Ashida, who generated a wave of change by her tireless efforts to create connections and help further the implementation of pathways for developing America’s STEM workforce, the New York State STEM Education Collaborative (NYSSEC) honors STEM leaders who are making significant STEM connections within their community through their time, actions, talents and dedication each year. The selected honorees serve as role models for STEM leadership as they are striving to enhance the STEM workforce through their connections between business/industry and STEM educational leaders.

Borland was selected as a recipient of this award for her services and actions that have made a lasting or meaningful contribution to STEM career paths in the community. She was nominated for this award by Hilary Reilly, who served 32 years as a STEM educator in New York State.

“I was honored to collaborate with Tammie on a number of projects and committees throughout my educational career in NYS,” said Reilly. “I wanted to make sure that her contributions to STEM education are recognized … I am honored that she was chosen by a select committee of STEM leaders for her accomplishments.”

Borland’s position as a New Visions instructor requires her to work with post-secondary and industry partners to individualize curriculum for each of her students. She is a staunch advocate of Project-Based Learning and STEM. The New Visions program at RPI was a STEM exploratory program for students to research their interests. Her current position as instructor of the New Visions: Medical program at Samaritan Hospital has a medical focus although it remains STEM-based.


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