The STAC & Medicaid Unit has indicated that there are approximately 100 school districts affected by a recent $2.4 million duplicate aid payment for transportation claims for the §4408 Summer 2014 program.  The original payment (paid on Approved Payment Report (APR) Payment # 6) was paid in previous years. On 11/22/19 a duplicate payment was paid due to an IT error and identified as APR #7.

The payment amounts on the 2 APR’s did not agree due to other adjustments being processed at the same time such as:

  • 20% summer chargebacks which happened on APR #6
  • Withdrawal of certain records
  • New student claims and balance adjustments on APR #7

The STAC & Medicaid Unit has recently posted manual negative balance adjustments for several districts to correct for those students whose §4408 Summer 2014 transportation costs were erroneously aided twice on both APR #6 and APR #7.  The manual corrections were posted just before the 3/12/2020 Summer 2019-20 §4408 Education APR #1 was processed, so that the negative balance amounts could be recouped from most school districts at the same time.

The details of the payments are available in the STAC online system by reviewing the DQPAY Report (Example) and the logging into SED’s File Transfer Manager (FTM System).  This overpayment and recoupment will have no overall effect on the district’s state aid in the current year.

Directions on how to receive access to the FTM System and accessing available reports is available in the form of a new Power Point presentation now posted on our State Aid Planning website.

Due to the current environment we want to assure everyone that this netting of aid was caused by a duplication of payment only.

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