We would like to introduce our new State Aid Planning staff who started this week:

Kathy Beardsley (kbeardsley@questar.org) – Kathy has been at Questar III for 14 years with State Aid Planning and most recently with our STAC service. During that time, Kathy earned her NYS School District Business Leadership certificate. She brings a great deal of experience working with school districts and presenting around the state. Her favorite color is purple.

Mary Mosher (Mary.Mosher@questar.org) – Mary joins Questar III having most recently worked at the State Education Department, both in the State Aid Unit and Facilities Planning. She also has significant experience working in a BOCES. In addition to being a part of State Aid Planning, Mary will also lead Questar’s STAC service. Mary drives a cool Jeep.

Mary Ridzi (Mary.Ridzi@questar.org) – Mary comes to State Aid Planning having spent the last five years working with Questar III’s Central Business Office. Mary brings experience with school district accounting and business office functions. She will split her time between State Aid Planning and the CBO. Mary’s stand-up desk is electric which is the envy of the staff.

Please help us welcome Kathy, Mary and Mary to State Aid Planning!

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