In 2005, a group of retired local superintendents created the Superintendent Success Network at the request of then-Questar III District Superintendent Dr. James N. Baldwin to provide support to superintendents new to the role and/or new to our region.

After providing support, mentoring, and resources for the past 14 years, and due to the changing landscape of education and based on feedback from the superintendents in the region, the SSN has been “reborn” as the Leadership Development Network (LDN) to support the growing audience of not only superintendents, but also district leadership teams and other key district personnel. Since its inception, the SSN has helped engage administrators with speakers from a variety of fields to help our component districts stay abreast of current and critical developments in areas affecting our schools.

More recently, the group has focused on providing workshop series for aspiring educational leaders, both at the superintendent level as well as other district and building levels. This year the LDN has launched a series for those aspiring to a leadership position within a school district.

The LDN also plans to consider offering programs that may have a wider appeal to address key issues confronting school districts beyond those geared towards administrators and leaders.

“It has been wonderful to watch the Superintendent Success Network grow and evolve since it began in 2005. Now, as we move into the next iteration of this in-depth school leadership training program, I am excited to continue helping the strong educators in our region become leaders and develop their skills, expand their knowledge and expertise, and continue to improve public education for all our students in our region,” said Questar III District Superintendent Dr. Gladys I. Cruz.

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