The State Aid Planning Workbook for 2019-20 General State Aid Claim Forms is now available.  It has been updated to reflect changes in Form A, FB and FT for 2019-20.

ST-3 Schedule A3 – The spreadsheet linked to Line 79 of Schedule A3-General Fund Revenues is currently not showing any estimated 2019-20 Public Excess Cost Aid Setaside.  Districts should use the amount that was displayed as part of the enacted ’19-20 state budget.  This can be found as part of the backup data sent from the NYSED State Aid Unit to the Superintendent of Schools shortly after the state budget was passed back in April.  Additionally, State Aid Planning has this data if it cannot be located at the school district.

The Form Set A certification has changed.  The NYSED is encouraging Superintendents to read through the compliance before certifying.  In addition, the new 180-day calendar Form Set will be released soon.  Districts should complete the 2018-19 model calendar to be ready.  For more information and links to the calendar, see SED’s Attendance 900/990 Hour Requirement Information.  

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