As August approaches, here are some important dates and items to keep in mind:

  •  Week of August 12th – Last opportunity to revise inaccurate fall 2018 free or reduced K-6 price lunch count in SIRS
  •  August 14 – Ed. Law 2053 (Attorney Reporting) Due   Note – The last four digits of the attorney’s social security number is being requested, but is not required, to complete the report.  If no number is provided, then a note must be written in the survey to let the state know.
  •  Instructional Time Waiver – The Board of Regents adopted an emergency amendment to the regulations regarding minimum instructional time instituting a waiver for districts that cannot meet the minimum instructional hours because of safety and/or scheduling issues.  Districts should refer to the memo and language for the emergency amendment.  Details will be forthcoming but districts should continue to fill out the model calendar spreadsheet.
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