Section 4410 of NYS Education Law authorizes school districts to receive reimbursement from counties for reasonable and necessary CPSE administrative costs incurred for preschool students.

The NYSED STAC and Medicaid Unit requires school districts to record administrative expenses in the State Aid Management System (SAMS) (via Schedules 31-34 of their district ST-3 form) for a given school year. The STAC and Medicaid Unit extracts this information from the SAMS system and uploads to the EFRT online system. (STAC System)

The DQDAT screen on the STAC Online System is used by the school district to view the Administrative Cost Listing (ACL). The documents below contain guidance in regard to claiming 2015-16 CPSE Administrative Costs. These instructions outline how school districts can claim (through their municipality) administrative costs incurred for each eligible preschool child served.

Memo for Counties
Memo for Districts
Instructional Guide

Please contact either Robert Wojtkiewicz or Sheila Costa at 518-474-7116 with questions regarding the new claiming procedures.

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