Reminders – SAMS Revisions and Corrective Action Plan(s) to Independent Audit Due by January 15th

Revisions to 2017-18 SAMS data must be submitted no later than January 15, 2018 to ensure all updated information is included within the February database file. Assuming an April 1st enacted state budget, the February database would be the expected database used for 2018-19 state aid projections.  Any revisions submitted after January 15th are not guaranteed to be processed in time for inclusion within the February database file.  Please keep in mind, revisions to SAMS data may continue after January 15th.

Note: Until September 2019, districts will be held to the lesser of claimed 2018-19 BOCES, Excess Cost and General Aids, or projected 2018-19 aid as of the enacted budget computer run. 

Corrective Action Plan(s) for Independent Audit Submitted Through the Business Portal Due by January 15th

Districts must submit their written response(s) to the findings and recommendations in the independent audit report(s) and the Board of Education’s resolution approving of the Corrective Action Plan(s) by January 15th through the Business Portal.

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