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Questar III Vision

Creating a student-centered culture (putting students first) of excellence, leadership, service and Innovation/innovation.

Questar III Mission

Changing lives, realizing dreams and doing together what can’t be done alone.

Questar III Core Values

  • Commitment to Excellence – honing our craftsmanship by delivering high-quality work.
  • Commitment to Leadership & Service – leading the organization, departments and school districts and exceeding client expectations.
  • Commitment to:
    • Innovation – creating programs and services to address client needs.
    • innovation – continuously improving our programs and operations.

Questar III Staff Characteristics – Reflect Core Values Plus

  • Collaboration – seeking the input and talent of others (including our staff, school districts and community partners) to leverage resources, build on strengths and best practices, and spur innovation and efficiencies.
  • Continuous learning & self-improvement – embracing lifelong learning and curiosity.
  • High expectations & engagement – ensuring rigor, relevance and productivity.
  • Work ethic – demonstrating competency and energy.
  • Integrity and respect for others – valuing diversity, equity of opportunity, and inclusion (DEI) and doing what’s right.
  • Positive and fun attitude – enjoying your work and choosing positivity.
  • Communicate – sharing necessary information in a clear and timely fashion.

Questar III Board Goals

  • Build the capacity of our employees through ongoing targeted professional learning and other resources to enable Questar III BOCES to lead our region with innovative, high quality, and cost-effective programs and services that are accountable to the region.
  • Develop a diverse pipeline of future leaders to serve the organization, the region and beyond.
  • Develop new programs and services to assist school districts to creatively address fiscal and programmatic challenges and evolve teaching and learning so all students are prepared for their future.
  • Develop a state-of-the-art HR approach that recruits and retains the best staff to serve our students and districts.

Questar III Organizational Goals

  • Develop the capacity of employees to serve each other, students and school districts.
  • Develop, improve and reevaluate programs and services.
  • Create a healthy organizational culture that embraces DEI for students and staff.

Questar III Departmental Goals

  • Perform program reviews and analysis.
  • Develop program scorecards.

Last updated: September 20, 2023

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