List of Websites January 2023
GASB 87 Resources  
Present Value and Amortization Schedule Calculator June 2022
Maintenance of Effort  
Worksheet to Complete MOE Calculator for 22-23 Eligibility June 2022
Tips for Preparing the 22-23 MOE for Eligibility June 2022
Worksheet to Complete the MOE Calculator for 21-22 Actual December 2022
Tips for Preparing the 21-22 Compliance Standard December 2022
ESSA Reporting  
How to Use the Excel Template for ESSA 21-22 Reporting October 2022
ESSA Excel Template for 21-22 Reporting October 2022
NYS Transparency Reporting  
Guidance on Preparing the 22-23 DOB Transparency Report July 2022
NYS Transparency Chart of Accounts July 2021
NYS Transparency Template password is the same district specific password used for the ESSA template. If you do not have this password previously provided for ESSA reporting on hand you may request it by contacting us here:  
22-23 DOB Transparency Template

State Aid Planning Coffee Talk

State Budget Analysis* and Overview of Contingent Budget   *Date subject to change to accommodate Enacted Budget

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