Special Webinars

Tools to Monitor Your State Aid Projection March 2024 CTLE Presentation
Preparing the 2022-23 Transparency Report July 2022 CTLE Presentation
ST-3 101 – Detailed Instructions for Completing the ST-3 August 2022 CTLE Presentation
Supplemental Schedules SS10-SS16 – When to Do Them, How to Do Them and How to Review Their Results to Maximize Summer 4408 State Aid October 2022 CTLE



How to Use the Excel Template for ESSA 2021-22 Reporting October 2022 CTLE Presentation
State Aid Planning New Property Tax Cap Tool January 2023 CTLE Presentation
Preparing the 2021-22 Transparency Report July 2021 Presentation
Winter Workshop: Executive Budget, Changes Proposed to Aid Formulas, Tax Cap & Capital Projects February 2021 Presentation
Fall Workshop September 2020 Presentation
Maximizing State Aid for §4408 Programs – How to Complete Supplemental Schedules SS10-SS16 and Related ST-3 Pages September 2021 Presentation
How to Use the Excel Template for ESSA 2020-21 Reporting October 2021 Presentation
The Basics of GASB 87 – Leases and What an SBO/Treasurer Needs to Know Now May 2022 Presentation
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