A message from Gladys Cruz

A New Year's Resolution

January 27, 2017 

The start of a new calendar year is a time to reflect back and look ahead – and an opportunity to make a promise to change or improve oneself. 

Have you done it?

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, about half of our country’s population makes a New Year’s resolution in any given year – and nearly half of them give up within a month.

While weight loss or fitness may be what first comes to mind, about half of these resolutions are related to self-improvement or education.

I am pleased to share my 2017 resolution.

This year, I am planning to be more active on Twitter. I have had an account for some time, but it is time for me to have more of a presence for our organization and region.

According to a 2016 Brandfog survey, most people trust a company more if the chief executive officer actively engages on social media.

I agree. Twitter provides the opportunity to directly connect with clients, employees and partners on a real-time basis. In other words, it has become a modern day leadership tool.

Please follow me at @GladysICruz and become part of our organization’s growing social media audience.

I will use Twitter to let followers know about important items, from our continuing efforts to implement The Leading Edge to changes impacting public education. I also look forward to sharing stories about our wonderful students, staff and districts.

I encourage others to embrace Twitter as well. If you’re a teacher or staff member, use it to share news about programs and services. Or, use it to connect with colleagues across the organization or country for professional development purposes.

By tweeting, you have the opportunity to initiate and influence online conversations, and to strengthen the community around Questar III and cooperative education in general.

However, please keep in mind that Twitter, like any other communications, is not without its consequences. We need to exercise common sense and sound judgment, whether it is making sure students can be photographed to how a retweet or like could be interpreted by others.

To help our staff and districts better understand social media, we will be putting together a workshop. Look for information about this in the near future.

I wish you Happy New Year and look forward to sharing my resolution with a larger audience.

Dr. Gladys I. Cruz
District Superintendent