Postretirement Benefit Valuation Experience

Today’s challenges to the healthcare system for active and retiree benefits have forced organizations to look beyond current managed care solutions in which purchasing decisions rest solely with employers.

The current environment requires participants to make more intelligent coverage, provider, and treatment decisions that balance economic consequences with individual healthcare demands. However, without the tools to evaluate the quality and cost of healthcare, consumers are not equipped to make the best decisions.

Questar III offers valuable healthcare market knowledge.  Our use of resources and analysis can help your organization make more informed decisions in regards to current employee and retiree health benefit programs.  Industry knowledge and experience allows us to help districts determine what new approaches are possible and how they could help lower their OPEB costs in future years.

Contact Information

Harry Hadjioannou
Deputy Superintendent

Ken Ziobrowski
Director of CBO and Financial Services

Kaitlyn Driggs
Senior Budget Analyst & GASB Specialist

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