The GASB 75 Team

Eugene Oliker, Senior Actuarial Assistant
Eugene Oliker has eight years of actuarial reporting experience, six years of which entail GASB 45/GASB 75 reporting; he is currently a Senior Actuarial Assistant at Questar III. Mr. Oliker began his career at Questar III in 2013, after five successful years as a Statistician at Farm Family Insurance Companies. Since starting with Questar III, he has worked on over 325 GASB 45/GASB 75 Full Valuation reports and has gained valuable experience in the use of ProVal, an actuarial software, to create actuarial valuations. While at Farm Family Insurance Companies, he was in charge of planning, research, analysis, and execution for all new statistical reports. Mr. Oliker has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Statistics from Baruch College. He is currently pursuing the ASA (Associate of the Society of Actuaries) designation.

Kaitlyn Driggs, Senior Budget Analyst & GASB Specialist
Kaitlyn Driggs has five years of data management and customer service experience; she is currently the Budget Analyst at Questar III. Before Questar III, Ms. Driggs worked as a contract specialist where she managed large volumes of client contracts and handled daily customer service needs. As a Budget Analyst, Ms. Driggs is responsible for reviewing and cleaning census data and helping district staff clearly understand the information the GASB 75 team is requesting of them. Ms. Driggs has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Not-for-Profit Management from the College of Saint Rose as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Franklin Pierce University.

Therese Plano, Actuarial Assistant
Therese Plano has two years of financial service experience and an academic background in actuarial science; she is currently an Actuarial Assistant at Questar III. In her previous roles, Ms. Plano analyzed financial information from clients and determined strategies that best suited their financial needs. As an Actuarial Assistant at Questar III, she will be compiling the data necessary to run through ProVal and preparing actuarial valuations for our districts. Ms. Plano graduated from the University at Albany with a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science and Economics. She has passed three SOA (Society of Actuaries) exams, has received credit for all required VEE (Valuation by Educational Experience) credits, and will continue to pursue the ASA (Associate of the Society of Actuaries) designation.

Contact Information

Harry Hadjioannou
Deputy Superintendent

Ken Ziobrowski
Director of CBO and Financial Services

Kaitlyn Driggs
Senior Budget Analyst & GASB Specialist

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