Covid precautions within Questar III buildings:


Governor Hochul and the State Department of Health recommends that schools review the current CDC school guidance for COVID-19 prevention and work with their Local Health Department to implement effective and feasible public health measures. At this point, the State Education Department has no plans to issue additional specific school COVID-19 guidance. Therefore, we will follow our normal school illness protocols, which includes being fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.


  • Stay home if you are sick and exhibiting symptoms
    • The CDC recommends that you isolate from others for at least 5 days if you test positive for COVID.
  • Report COVID cases
    • Parents and guardians: report COVID positives to your child’s teacher.
    • Staff: notify your supervisor of any positive cases. Submit the affirmation of isolation form to your supervisor for return to school or work and check to see if you are eligible for the COVID Leave Act.
  • What to do if you were exposed to COVID
    • The CDC recommends that anyone exposed to COVID wear a high-quality mask for 10 days and test at least 5 days after close contact, or sooner if symptoms develop.
  • Use at-home testing when needed
    • Test-to-stay requirements have been eliminated.
  • Vaccinations
    • Visit to learn more. Families and staff are encouraged to get vaccinated or boosted if they choose to do so.
  • Remote learning
    • Be prepared to pivot to remote learning if we are required to pause in-person learning in a classroom or building due to the impact of COVID or staffing.
  • Practice good hygiene and handwashing
  • Masks are optional


 If you have any additional questions, contact Craig Hansen, Director of Health & Safety.


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