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As part of the Strategic Planning Initiatives of the Business Office and Human Resources, there is an ongoing effort to look at ways in which we can use our existing technology in order to provide Questar III employees with access to information, while also reducing costs and becoming a little ‘greener’ in the process.

Questar III currently uses a financial and human resources information software system known as WinCap School Information Manager (commonly called ‘WinCap’) that is used to process financial transactions, payroll and HR/employee related information.

WinCap has been upgrading and adding features to this system on a regular basis in response to its customer’s needs. One feature that Questar III has decided to use allows for individual employees the ability to access their own payroll and attendance leave information from WinCap. This access, called WinCap web, has an Employee Self Service area where employees can view their information securely via the internet using a simple log on process.

In addition to providing employees with access to their own information, it is a cost saving (processing time, postage) and ‘going green’ measure, (printing) because Questar III employees with direct deposit will no longer need to receive a paper direct deposit statement. The same information contained in the paper statement will be available on line through your account with WinCap web. You then have the ability to print the statement on your own (if you need a hard copy) or you can just view your information electronically. You will also be able to view payroll history back to when Questar III first began using WinCap, which was school year 2003-2004.

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