Mail Delivery

Guidelines for the Central Office Mail Room

  • At the Central Office, slots are provided in the mail room for outgoing mail. Please use appropriate slots.
  • Mail from other Centers and Academies sent to the Central Office to be posted should be marked and bundled according to the program that postage should be charged to, (i.e. Occupational Education, Special Education, School Library, CTE, etc.) If you can, please put the name of your department in the upper left-hand corner. If mail comes back, we don’t have to open the envelopes to see who it is from.
  • All letter sized envelopes should have the flaps out to be easily run through the postage machine for sealing.
  • Before sending to mail room, larger-size envelopes such as 9½” x 11½”, etc. must be sealed, using clasp or moistened. Do not use scotch tape.
  • On larger-size envelopes, please place mailing label on envelope so the flap and clasp is on your right for easier feed into the postage machine.
  • If mail is to be certified, the proper forms should be filled out and attached to the envelope before being sent to the mail room. Please keep a supply of these forms on hand. The green post card (PS Form 3811) goes on the back of envelope and the green/white receipt should be clipped to the envelope. Please put your name or location on the receipt so we know who to return the receipt to.


Large Mailings

  • Please give the Mailroom at least 24-hour notice for large mailings.
  • Carefully choose the proper envelope for mailing. Use a #10 (standard business size) if possible but don’t over stuff them, go to a larger envelope if necessary.
  • Carefully label envelopes and stack them all the same way with the flaps out.
  • Carefully stuff the envelopes so that we do not postage empty envelopes.
  • Please indicate if envelopes contain the same amount of insertions. This avoids having to weigh each piece separately.


Instructions for Mailings Which Require the Folder and Sorter

  • All QIII locations may use the Folder and Sorter located at the Central Office in the 2nd Floor Copy Room.
  • The Sorter uses Questar III #10 envelopes.
  • The Folder can fold and insert up to 4 pages.
  • Contact Denise Geyer for assistance.


Courier & Mail Delivery Service

We also provide a courier and mail delivery service to school districts, centers and academies. Please use this service when possible. Contact Tracey Catalfamo by phone at 518-479-6901 or email if you have any questions or need assistance concerning courier and mail delivery.

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