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Questar III makes it simple for staff to archive and retrieve important records and items.

Archiving Terms

  • Series: Any combination of records with like functions and /or disposition dates.
  • Naming Convention – A uniform naming system for files created or maintained in your department.
  • Retention Period: Number of years a series must be accessible.
  • Disposition Date: The earliest date records may be destroyed.
  • Official Copy: This is the only version of a file (regardless of medium), to be maintained as a permanent part of a record. Official is not necessarily original, but the version deemed, by the department Administrator, to be the one Official Copy for retention.


Selecting Records for Storage

  • Active files should be regularly updated.
  • Only three years of active files should be maintained on site.
  • Only official copies are to be stored long-term.
  • Duplicates may be disposed of when no longer needed.
  • Each storage box will hold one or more series.


Storage Boxes

  • Standardized boxes will be issued upon request from warehouse personnel.
  • Contact Matthew Maxon (Warehouse Manager) at 273-6402 or
  • Boxes accommodate both legal and letter size files.
  • Records will only be accepted for storage if packed in standardized boxes.


Transferring Records to Storage

  • Determine the records to be stored.
  • Records should be purged of unnecessary and/or duplicate documents.
  • No binders or hanging folders will be accepted.
  • Fill out a work order through the QueCenter to arrange for pickup of packed boxes.


Storage Box Labels

Each storage box must have a label identifying its contents. Download a fillable PDF available here.

Directions for completion of the Storage Box Label are:

Part I

  • Choose your department’s name from the drop down menu. This field is editable to allow specificity.
  • Custodian name (position of the person responsible for records in your department).
  • Use the drop down menu in the date field to choose a month and add the year in yyyy format.
  • Do not fill out Box #; this field is filled out by the warehouse manager.
  • Description of contents. This field is expandable to allow for greater detail.
  • Retention period and disposition date, per your department’s retention schedule
  • Attach the completed form and email to

Part II will be completed by the Warehouse Manager and emailed back when complete. Storage of your completed labels (paper or digital) will provide easy access.

  • Storage location
  • Disposition method
  • Warehouse Manager’s signature
  • Final Disposition date

You will be notified about final disposition and offered an opportunity to review boxes prior to shredding.


Retrieving Records from Storage

Fill out a work order through the QueCenter to arrange for record retrieval. Information on the records’ location will be included on the completed label.



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