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The P-TECH pathway in Environmental Science and Protection Technology will offer a foundation in the biological, physical and social sciences with a focus on clean energy management and environmental issues 

The Environmental Science and Protection Technology path (focusing on Clean Energy Management), offers a foundation in the biological, physical and social sciences as well as additional elective courses that explore environmental issues. Coursework brings together theoretical concepts in environmental science with laboratory experience and policy analysis for a well-rounded transfer-oriented program. 

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Similarities / Differences


  • 4-year curriculum
  • 24-60 transferrable college credits
  • No mentor requirement/component
  • 51% of students must be from target school districts in Rensselaer, Columbia and Greene counties


  • Located on the HVCC Campus
  • No cost to families
  • Available to students from all local districts
  • Supported by industry partners including the Artificial Intelligence Center for Excellence and Tech Valley Center of Gravity
  • Fully aligned with HVCC's Computer Information Systems (CIS) program
  • Focused on in-demand industries and jobs (web developers, engineers, environmental scientists)
  • Dual enrollment - college coursework begins no later than 10th grade
  • Articulation agreements with more than 50 colleges to transfer credit
  • Workplace visits, internships, students first-in-line for job opportunities
  • Courses taught by college faculty and/or HS teachers with adjunct status
  • Access to all academic, social, planning and other supports provided to HVCC


  • 6-year curriculum
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree
  • Every student assigned an industry mentor
  • Priority given to average cohort graduation rates below 82% per state grant

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