Equivalent Attendance Program

Serving students ages 16-19 who have dropped out of school, Questar III’s Equivalent Attendance Program is comprised of two New York State Education Department programs: the Transitional Equivalent Program (TEP) and Alternate High School Equivalency Preparation (AHSEP) Program. It prepares students to take their General Equivalency Degree (GED) by focusing on reading, math, writing/communication, science, social studies and logical thinking/comprehension.

TEP is for students, age 16, who are ineligible to sit for the GED because they are younger than the compulsory school attendance age. TEP students study for the GED for 27.5 hours/week. AHSEP is for students ages 16-19 and continues studies for a minimum of 12 hours/week. Students successfully completing TEP, transfer into AHSEP. AHSEP students must register for the GED exam.

Districts with students enrolled in Questar III’s Equivalent Attendance Program may list these students as transfers as opposed to “dropouts” or “non-completers.”

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