Alternative Learning Program with Career and Technical Education

Questar III’s Alternative Learning Program, combined with a Career Technical Education Program, provides students the opportunity to earn a NYS Regents diploma. Students enrolled in this program will also complete a two year Technical Education program in a chosen career pathway. Developed to serve students who may be in danger of dropping out of high school, this program serves students who may previously have had difficulties with attendance, motivation or grades.

The small individualized group instruction fosters a positive learning environment in the Alternative Learning Program, and encourages maturity and social skills. Classes are taught by certified teachers and aligned with NYS Learning Standards. Students are expected to pass the required Regents exams and to complete all graduation requirements necessary for their high school diploma. A district representative must be present at all intake meetings for students in this program.

Contact Information

Danielle Bouton-Wales
Director of CTE

Rensselaer Educational Center

Columbia- Greene Educational Center

CTE on Twitter

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