Welding/Metal Fabrication

The two-year Welding program is based on the American Welding Society (AWS) curriculum, which provides broad exposure to the operation, standards, and current practices in the field of welding and metal fabrication. Students learn and have hands-on practice with a variety of welding techniques including MIG, TIG, and stick.  Students work with metal preparation, torch and plasma cutting, reading schematics, and using different power tools.  The content and hands-on experience prepares students with the foundation for different careers in welding and metal fabrication. View the program flyer.

Characteristics of a successful student

  • A strong interest in some or all course material
  • Likes to problem solve and design solutions
  • Excellent attendance
  • Parental support of the Welding/Metal Fabrication program

Courses strongly recommended to take prior to enrollment or concurrently at home school district

  • Chemistry
  • Design and Drawing for Production
  • Physics

Curriculum and materials used

  • Welding Principles and Applications
  • Machining Fundamentals
  • American Welding Society curriculum is followed

Topics Covered

  • Safety
  • Oxy Fuel Gas Welding
  • Metal Preparation
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (MIG)
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Welding Symbols
  • Plasma Arc Cutting
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Layout and Design

Welding students may be able to receive academic credit in the following subject areas

  • Math 11 (1 credit)
  • Science 11 (1 credit)
  • English 12 (1 credit)
  • Career and Financial Management (1/2 credit)

For more information on the availability of this option, please contact your home school counselor.

College credit available through the program

SUNY Alfred
DCAD 1053 Technical Calculations I OR
WELD 1723 Welder’s Calculations I OR
MATT 1913 Machinist Calculations
SUNY Delhi
WELD 140 Blueprint Reading I (3 credit hours)
(These credits are only available if the student attends this college.)

Related career opportunities

  • Construction Worker
  • Custom Fabricator
  • Military
  • Pipefitter
  • Underwater Welder
  • Welder: Bridge, Aerospace, Shipyard, Aircraft, and Rail Road Construction Industries
  • Welding Equipment Sales

Industry-Based Certifications (attainable through program)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Safety Certification (10 hour)


Technical Assessment

SkillsUSA Welding Assessment
Pass ALL 3 parts of the technical assessment: written, performance and portfolio.

Consultant Committee

  • Benson Steel Fabricators
  • Modern Welding School
  • PMI
  • Ravena Welding
  • Van Tassel Tool Company
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