Superintendent Services

The District Superintendent plans, administers and supervises area-wide educational and related managerial support services which are provided at the request of the component school districts including:

  • Superintendent Searches
  • Component District Retreats
  • Liaison Services
  • Consulting

These services are provided through the BOCES administrative budget at no additional cost (school boards are responsible for the cost of any superintendent search advertising or printing).


Superintendent Searches

Upon request, the district superintendent may be called upon by a component school board to act as a consultant in the selection of a superintendent.

Component school districts can save the cost of hiring a private consultant by using the services of a district superintendent (whose services are included in the yearly administrative budget).

The district superintendent will work with the board to develop selection criteria. In many cases, this process involves meeting with different community and staff groups. The district superintendent also works with Questar III staff to develop materials describing the position, placing advertisements, screening applicants and assisting the board with setting up a process for interviews.


Component District Retreats

Upon request, component school districts may ask the district superintendent or assistant superintendent to facilitate an administrative or board retreat.


Liaison Services

The district superintendent is also responsible for:



Drawing upon the resources of the New York State Education Department and BOCES, the district superintendent meets regularly with component superintendents and consults with districts on a wide variety of educational issues including:

  • implementing state learning standards, model curriculum, summative and formative assessments and graduation requirements;
  • managing and planning building projects;
  • leading discussion around collaboration and cooperative ventures to increase efficiency and effectiveness; and,
  • participating in a variety of NYSED programs to support implementation of Regents policies.
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