Questar III BOCES NYSAA graduates from Donald R. Kline Technical School pose with Ichabod Crane High School Principal Craig Shull, NYSAA Teacher Beth St. Clair Bedell, and Donald R. Kline Technical School Principal Melissa Fox.

The Questar III BOCES NYSAA Program at Donald R. Kline Technical School held a special 2024 graduation ceremony at Ichabod Crane Central School District. Our 2024 graduating class began their high school journey at Ichabod Crane CSD before transferring to their new classroom at Donald R. Kline Technical School. Another special aspect of this graduation was inviting back our 2020 graduates; these students were the last graduating class from our program at Ichabod Crane CSD and due to the pandemic, never had the opportunity to experience a true graduation. The space held significance for both groups of students.

After an introduction from their teacher Beth St. Clair Bedell and a keynote address from Questar III’s Jon Levine, Work Readiness and Transition Coordinator, students received a certificate from Art Omi for their participation in the Arts Integration in Schools Series, and recognition from Barnwell Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, JOANN Fabrics and Crafts, FASNY Museum of Firefighting, and Olana State Historic Site for their Work Based Learning efforts throughout the year.

Representatives from each student’s home district shared some words about their student before awarding each student a certificate to commemorate their hard work. Congratulations to our 2024 graduates:

  • Katelyn Armstrong, Ichabod Crane Central School District
  • Alana Bell, Catskill Central School District
  • Thomas Kellogg, Catskill Central School District
  • Sadie Storm, Taconic Hills Central School District

Ichabod Crane High School Principal Craig Shull presented a medal of achievement to the 2024 graduates, as well as those from 2020:

  • Brianna Bruno
  • Matthew Cunningham
  • Matthew Macarelli

One additional medal was awarded to Trevor Wolfe, a former Ichabod Crane student peer mentor. Trevor would often stop by the classroom during study hall to spend time with the students, and would even attend field trips and other special events with them! In 2020, a traveling celebration was planned where each student was celebrated in a socially distanced manner outside each of their homes. Trevor made it a point to be part of this traveling celebration, making it special for our 2020 graduates. The 2024 ceremony was a great opportunity for our students to reconnect with Trevor, who just graduated from Norte Dame with a degree in chemical engineering.

2024 Student Reflections:

  • Katelyn Armstrong: I am happy to graduate. I am nervous and excited. I will miss my friends and that makes me sad. I want to thank my mom and all of my teachers. I love everybody!
  • Alana Bell: My favorite memories of being in the classroom are going on trips with my friends to the Bronx Zoo, The Boston Aquarium, and Sturbridge Village. I loved making holiday gifts to bring home to give to my family. I love our speech groups, talking with Miss Mari, and making cookies with Miss Sarah in Intro to Foods. I love my friends; they are nice and I will miss them. But I will always come back for our Proms and Luau! I want to thank Miss Beth and all my teachers and my brother Elijah, I love you!
  • Thomas Kellogg: Everyone has made me feel welcome and set me up for success. I want to thank my family and teachers for getting to where I am today. I am going to miss my friends. I am going to miss learning new crafting techniques, hearing funny stories from my teachers, our field trips and my Building Trades class. I will definitely miss learning new information and ideas, but I also know I can continue to learn, I just need to make a plan. I look forward to many job opportunities in the future, working on my small business success and exploring new programs.
  • Sadie Storm: To begin, I would like to start with a few jokes…What is always found on the ground but never gets dirty… A shadow! Why do cats always get their way?….The are very purr-suasive! I have so many happy memories that make me smile. Taking trips with my friends to places like Sturbridge Village where we made homemade lemonade and cookies over a fire in a fireplace, even Trevor Wolfe was with us! Going to Art Omi, oh my goodness, everything was so huge and artistic! The Bronx Zoo, AMAZING, definitely amazing, the peacocks running around everywhere though….not loving them lol! I wanted to thank everyone for coming to our graduation today I wanted to thank my wonderful teachers for helping me learn so many things and think about issues that are right or wrong in our world, helping me to learn how to share my thoughts and ideas, and make decisions. I am proud to be kind, caring and a loyal friend to all. Kindness is the key. Helping people is the best way to help yourself. That’s how I got out of my shell. All of my teachers have helped me with so many concerns and problems.Proms and Luaus, SO much partying! I know I will get to see my school family every year, EVEN AFTER I have started my new adventures. I am looking forward to my future. I will become an independent woman and keep improving my art skills. My dream is to one day sell MY art at Comic Con! My classroom feels like home. Everyone takes care of each other, and we will always be there for each other. NO MATTER where our future takes us. I’d like to thank my amazing mom who is there for me for everything and has helped me to live my best life. She helped me when I was hurt when I was little and now when I feel lost, she is always there when I need her! So, I want to thank you all for helping me through everything and thank you to my classmates and the best teachers in the world! I love you all!!!


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