Recertification memos have been mailed out to district Superintendents. Recertification of users must be renewed annually and completed by January 15, 2023.  If your district users or consultants are not recertified by this due date, access to the STAC online system will be denied until this is completed.  Please feel free to contact our office if you need assistance with this process.

Be on the lookout for your final year-end summary billing from BOCES for school year 2021-22. The final billing from your BOCES is the bill you want to use to verify all your BOCES placements. The following link STAC:NYSED will show you when the final billing has been completed and approved by SED, which has not been updated yet for the 2021-22 school year verification.

ESY PayStop has been increased from $6500 to $7000 for summer 2022. The increase in the paystop trigger is due to inflation and higher fuel prices.

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