The NYSED STAC and Medicaid Unit has processed 21 Approved Payment Reports (APRs) that are now available for export to school district shared folders on the SED File Transfer Manager (FTM) via the DQPAY screen. The School Age Payment Reports Available for Export to the SED File Transfer Manager (FTM) listing has been updated with these Approved Payment Reports with the following issue dates: 6/17/22, 7/13/22, 7/20/22, 7/22/22, and 7/25/22. Notice of total payment amount and check date may also be reviewed on the Payment Certificates posted to the State Aid View District Data page.

For instructions on sending APRs to the SED File Transfer Manager using the DQPAY screen, please refer to the memo here. Reimbursement information is also available on the STAC Online System DQPAY screen.

A district will not receive an APR for a school year where no payment, or payment adjustment, is currently due. Please review your district folder for APRs even when no payment has been generated, as important rate changes or record updates may be detailed in a payment adjustment.

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