The IDEA-ARP Application and related instruction documents are now available on the NYSED website. NYSED will accept applications and budgets on a rolling basis.

There is no separate Maintenance of Effort (MOE) requirement for the IDEA-ARP grant but if your district has not completed all previous MOE Calculators, please make sure to submit your Calculator(s) to  NYSED cannot determine Eligibility for your district for the IDEA-ARP grant period until it has an approved LEA MOE for all previous requirements.  NYSED notifies each district by e-mail once their MOE is approved.

New Item in the Application:

CCEIS Worksheet – Section III of the IDEA-ARP Application

There is a separate document included in the IDEA application named Section III-CCEIS worksheet.  It contains the same information as Section III of the application but it’s a stand-alone document that will allow school districts that must complete the CCEIS requirement to submit a Word document for their submission.  If your district is a required CCEIS please submit this document: and include in the subject line: CCEIS worksheet-ARP with your district name.

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