The DOB Transparency Report for the 21-22 budget information is due September 3, 2021. Last week, we held a webinar that reviewed the new changes to the report and reviewed the revised Excel template that we developed to assist our districts in completing the Transparency Report. Additionally, we updated our website for the new Transparency Report and provided a new Excel template along with several PowerPoints and webinars to assist you in gathering the information to complete this requirement.  

Note: If you have an older version of Excel, you might get a #NAME? error on the Data Form tab.  If you do, select Find & Select from the ribbon at the top and then select Replace.  Have it search for CONCAT and replace it with CONCATENATE and then select Replace All. Excel has replaced this function with CONCAT, but older versions of Excel may not be able to process this command.   

In case you missed the webinar, we have it posted to our YouTube channel.  

PowerPoint Available here  

If you need a password to our template, please email: and we will send it to you.

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