• SED posted on its website June 30th Expiration of Statute of Limitations on Certain Aid Claims Related to Aid Payable for the 2019-2020 School Year. After June 30, 2021 any revisions saved, but not submitted in the 2019-2020 SAMS claim year will be removed from SAMS on or after July 1, 2021. 
  • SED posted on its website a list of districts and BOCES capital construction projects with Final Cost Reports due June 30, 2021 that had not been received at SED as of April 10, 2021.   
  • SED posted a memo on their website relating to Education Law changes in the 2021-22 Enacted State Budget governing eligibility of certain COVID-19 transportation expenditures for state Transportation aid. As a result, school districts might need to revise their 2020-21 SAMS Claim Year data (2019-20 school year expenses). Any revisions need to be submitted by June 30, 2021.  SED posted a Q&A on their website which can be found here.   
  • For districts that have not had their NYS Transparency Report for the 2020-21 budget approved yet, please note that SED will not be able to pay any more State Aid than what your district received in 2019-20.  If you are not sure if your report has been approved, please check here.   If you find your district in either the “Not Submitted” or “Submitted” column, we encourage you to follow up on your report and either submit it or resolve any pending issues that the Division of Budget has outstanding.    
  • Revise prior year aid claims by June 30th. 
  • Ensure all 2019-20 Homeless, Public and Private STACs are entered and verified for current year aid. 
  • If your district has a change in reserves, make sure you bring to your BoE for approval before June 30th. 
  • If you have not already submitted your Single Audit or Single Audit Exemption form, be sure to go in the Business Portal and submit. 
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