For summer 2020 STACs to be included in the February round of Approved Payment Reports, which will be paid prior to the end of March 2021, school districts must verify the education/maintenance and/or transportation no later than Friday, February 26th.

For summer transportation, it is important to note that these costs need to be:

  1. Entered on respective service approval on EFRT or claimed directly on the transportation verification screen.
  2. Verified on the appropriate transportation verification after the education/maintenance has been verified. (Note: education/maintenance costs must be claimed/verified in order for transportation to be claimed/verified).
  3. Upload/Submit summer transportation cost explanation form and back-up documentation to the NYSED File Transfer Manager (FTM) for verified transportation costs exceeding $6,500.
  4. Notify the STAC/Medicaid Unit of your upload/submission by sending am email to Make sure to include the filename of the transportation cost explanation form and back-up submission in your e-mail.

These represent the last claiming opportunities for the 2020-21 state fiscal year, which concludes March 31, 2021. Due to the current State’s fiscal climate, school districts are encouraged to take advantage of these claiming opportunities

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