Memos from the STAC Unit have been mailed to School District Superintendents reminding them of their responsibility to monitor and ensure that only appropriate users at the school district have access to confidential student information in the STAC online system.

The memo will include a unique usercode and password for the School District Superintendent to exclusively access the XTEND screen. The XTEND online screen provides School District Superintendents with the ability to re-verify or suspend district user rights for School District, Incarcerated Youth, and Consultant STAC Online Users. A list of all active STAC system online users for your school district will appear on the XTEND screen. This screen also contains all suspended users for your school district for the past two years. All users are set to expire on January 15, 2021. If no action is taken by the School District Superintendent prior to that date, the users will be locked out of the STAC online system.

A user’s guide to the XTEND online screen can be found here.

As a reminder, new users must complete and forward to the STAC Unit a signed ‘Request Form for Online Access to the STAC Database‘.

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